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Making the Switch

Making the Switch | Students reflect on the transition from middle school to high school

New classes, a giant school, and upperclassmen on the prowl to eat freshman. Not to mention musical numbers at lunch, in class, and on the last day of school. High school is exactly as scary and exciting as painted in movies.

Well, not quite.

According to senior Eduardo Jacobo, the transition between high school and middle school is more about staying focused and working hard.

“High school is not…

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2014 senior class panorama

Check this link out rn for your 2014 senior class panorama.

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Click on the…

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Journey to Haiti

Journey to Haiti: Senior Ashlynn Minshew shares her experience after her mission trip to Haiti.

After a month and a half of attempts at convincing her parents to let her go, senior Ashlynn Minshew was informed that she would be taking a mission trip to Haiti the summer before her senior year with an organization called Coreluv, in conjunction with her church.

“When our youth group leaders announced the mission trip for the year, I was so anxious and excited to find out where we would be…

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Flipping through the pages of a high-fashion magazine, he discovered his future.

Inspired by a designer dress in a magazine, junior Darren Diamond found what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

“My love for fashion started two years ago when my mom brought a ‘Marie Claire’ magazine home,” Darren said. “I looked at that magazine for hours because I was so drawn to the intricate designs of…

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Two is better than one

Two is better than one

Twins. According to myths, they understand each other perfectly, feel each other’s pain and read each other’s minds. The rumors are endless.

As twins, Freshmen Avery and Harrison Worzel often hear these myths. Throughout the years, Harrison has found that most of them are untrue and have been created solely for entertainment purposes.

“I can sometimes tell what she’s going to say by her facial…

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Creativity in cosplay

For the life of a costume player, spending hours of work and a sizeable amount of money on entry fees, special passes, props, and costumes is a must. Costume players, or cosplayers, from around the globe gather at anime conventions to meet other fans of their favorite shows and show off their months of hard work. Among them is sophomore Zoe Jones.

Zoe’s love for cosplaying began only a year ago,…

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Student works toward film-making career

Student works toward film-making career

Lights. Camera. Action. Cut. The process is endless. In the final product, it seems as if everything went smoothly, but hours of filming, busy schedules, and loads of editing went into his film.

Junior Cullen Puffer hopes to become an expert at making films. He knows the workload can be heavy, but he continues pushing, hoping to better himself.

” Writing and putting together the film takes a…

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Chain reaction

“One random act of kindness can inspire someone forever, completely changing their world,” junior Lorrie Tria said. “I want to be the one who sets off a chain reaction, not only changing the life of one, but that of many.”

Tria witnesses the power of kindness on a daily basis. When she experiences these acts, she feels they are spurring the start of a movement.

“Kindness has done a lot for our…

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Sewing for Success

He slowly feeds the fabric into the machine, working diligently and concentrating on every thread. For months, he threaded through frustration, dissatisfaction and difficulty. With the last stitch, he finishes what has been a four-month project.

For junior Taylor LaDay, sewing runs in the family. Passed down from his father, whom he aims to be like, Taylor uses his skill and spends his days…

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Living with limits

English teacher Amy Green is having a busy morning.

In fact, every morning is like this for the mother of four. Between juggling three of her other drowsy children and trying to prepare herself for the day, she is also gathering everything her daughter will
need for breakfast.

It takes careful measurement and preparation to make Addyson, Green’s daughter, her usual breakfast – 50 grams of heavy…

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'But first, let me take a selfie'

‘But first, let me take a selfie’

A social media epidemic is sweeping the nation as teens become obsessed with taking “the perfect selfie.” This mania has caused teens to make drastic decisions that could alter their path in life.

“I believe selfies are a waste of time,” sophomore Comoya Matthews said. “Why spend an hour taking multiple pictures, then two more hours searching through those pictures to find the best one?”


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Final spring football game

Final spring football game

It’s that time of year again, the pads are out, helmets are on, and the sounds of crashing bodies can be heard from the practice fields. Football season is back.

The final spring football game is scheduled for 5/22 at home. Come support the spring team in their last game at home. Admission is free.

Spring football gives players the opportunity to re-learn the basics of football. This helps…

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'Heartbleed' security flaw compromises passwords, user data

‘Heartbleed’ security flaw compromises passwords, user data

Heartbleed A recently discovered security bug dubbed the “Heartbleed Bug” has swept across the Internet, allowing regular users with no privilege to access delicate information such as passwords, usernames and credit card numbers. This security bug has affected many websites, among these are Prezi, Instagram, Pinterest, Yahoo and Gmail.

The bug, a security flaw formally known as CVE-2014-0160, leads to…

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Varsity baseball defeats Austin Bowie in shootout 9-8

Varsity baseball defeats Austin Bowie in shootout 9-8 @KC_Baseball @BowieDugout

Pitchers had a tough day during the game between the Klein Collins Tigers Varsity and Austin Bowie, as the two teams put up 17 runs combined in a 9-8 the Klein Collins Tigers Varsity win.

The teams combined for 20 hits, including eight extra base hits.

The game was back-and-forth heading into the seventh, with six lead changes.

The Klein Collins Tigers Varsity finally managed to grab the lead…

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Austin Boyles - Athlete of the Week

Austin Boyles - Athlete of the Week @KC_Baseball

This week’s featured athlete is Austin Boyles. He is a junior who has been on the varsity baseball team since his sophomore year and recently made a verbal commitment to Texas Christian University.

“It’s such an honor to be athlete of the week because everyone works extremely hard and there are other good players who could have been chosen,” Boyles said.

Austin has been pitching all year along…

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