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Tips to get pumped for freshman year

Tips to get pumped for freshman year @vivianacamarill

Waking up and staying awake

Getting out of your usual 8 a.m. routine from middle school will definitely be a challenge. Try these tips to make getting up in the morning at least a little bit more bearable.

  • Avoid the snooze button, with the “Sleep if you can” app. This app forces you to get out of bed and take a picture of a certain item before you can hit the snooze button.
  • Play some tunes.…

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Klein Collins declassified

Klein Collins declassified: A high school survival guide @inoahsanchez @MadiGracePruden @AyaOwida @barra_jen #MadisonTroxler #PeterBrassanini #KevinMa

Preconceived ideas from TV shows, magazines and movies can cause a person to expect so much when walking through doors of the school for the first time. Whether they are expecting flash mobs in the hallway or getting dumped in a trashcan by upperclassmen, high school experiences will always consist of surprises.

Going into freshman year can be confusing, scary and definitely interesting. There is…

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Things you don’t know about Klein Collins

Things you don’t know about Klein Collins @_ariieee

As the bell rings, students crowd the hallways. It seems everyone has somewhere to be, and knows exactly where they’re going. Slipping into the nearest bathroom brings an overwhelming feeling of embarrassment, as people of the
opposite gender begin to stare.

This embarrassing situation has affected a student at some point. What most new students fail realize about high school, along with other…

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Hope Townsend

I’m Hope Townsend and I’m 16 years old. I’m always at school for one reason or another; key club, legacy league, soccer, theatre, and of course newspaper. School spirit is a must and I really need some sleep.

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Karley Crawford

Hello, my name is Karley Crawford :-) I am the Head Photo Editor of KC Legacy Media. Photography is my true passion and literally my only talent. I’m obsessed with all animals but cats are my life. I have a Persian cat named Tilly and a normal cant names Mitzy. My dream is to be a high fashion/portrait photographer and have my pictures in Vogue. Buy your yearbook and see all our amazing…

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Sydney Sokora

Hey guys! I’m Sydney aka psychosyd :-) I’m the Assistant Newspaper Photo Editor this year and I am extremely excited to help out!! Photography, obviously, is something I am intensely interested in. It’s on way I am really comfortable with expressing myself. When I head off to college, I want to study to become a photojournalist. I am also very, very, very passionate about music. Some of my…

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